Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Blues for Rhonda - Chorus 1

I've managed to extract the walking bass line from the first chorus of Blues For Rhonda on Gene Harris' Maybeck album. (available at emusic.com)

I also added my own arrangements for the RH. This is an interesting exercise.

Here's the result in PNG. I used Finale Notepad, but I'm not sure how to add chord notation, which would be nice, as it would better show the kind of reharmonization used.
[update: I added the chords in Gimp. Not ideal notation, but will do for now. I will try Sibelius for the next transcription]

Next step is to play this. Let's draw the die to determine 2 keys in addition to the mandatory F and Bb.
Winners are:
F, Bb, Db, G

So here we go with the table. I'll add as I record. As with the last exercise, I'll set a target tempo of 100 bpm.


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