Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bad Apple

Composition of the week.

and for those who can't read of play:
Bad Apple


swingtime said...

Hi Jazz IT up,
I like your blog, thanks for your insights. I am learning an arranged version of "Someday My Prnice Will Come". So I hope you don't mind if I try your lines and chords?

By the way, I really liked that Young/Holliday/Wilson recording from a previous post. Have you ever read "The Swing Era" by Gunther Schuller?
Great chapters on all 3 of them with mucical examples and insghts into their styles (not just biography).

Jazz IT Up said...

That's what it's for. If you like the ideas, by all means, steal them!
I see you're doing some similar work, I'll keep an eye on your blog.

I should take a look at that book, that sounds interesting. My father was obsessed with Holiday.
My teacher is having me go through a well planned list of solos to learn (we can't use the word transcribe). It's ear training. You should check out some of the other Prez recordings, those solos are really inspired.

Are you working with somebody?

Thanks for the note,
keep playing!