Saturday, November 15, 2008


Finally recorded this etude from Jazz Conception.

This is based on the changes to 'Four'.

This has been the most challenging piece yet, and I'm happy to finally take a break from it.

A few interesting points:
- This is the first up tempo (200 bpm) tune with 2-3 bars 1/8th notes phrases. This is getting seriously fast, too fast to really have time to think.
- I used my own method for learning this, as described here:
- This etude is technically demanding, and introduces 2 handed lines (in octaves). This will be further studied later in a Parker blues.
- One particular aspect is the sequence of close lines, followed by opened lines, forcing the hand to expand very quickly. I had to stop and study some basic arpeggios for this. There's a famous exercise that is useful, while I can't recall the composer, it involves chromatic lines followed by arpeggios.

With all of that said, the final judgment is "can it swing?". Not yet, it would if I took it down to 160 or so, but at 200, I'm still lagging technically. Getting there though.

I am seriously considering re-recording some of the earlier posts.

But for now, I have to get some Christmas music down, and make my man 7notemode proud.

Keep playing.

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