Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Groove Blues

Here's a blues in F I recorded last week.
The right hand plays simple lines, while the Left hand plays "charleston" style, a style often heard played by Wynton Kelly or Ahmad Jamal for example.

Playing simpler exercises like this one is a good opportunity to focus on key things:
- Swing, keeping solid time.
- Left Hand voicings. Here 2 kinds of reharmonization are used. ii V and passing 7th chords (B7 to Bb7 for instance)
- Hand balance. Left hand should play very lightly, imitating a guitar
- Hand independence. While the left hands playing lightly, it's important for the right hand to articulate the lines, simple as they may be.

This last point proves to be the most challenging.

Time permitting, the intent is to play this short tune in a few more keys. I chose the next one randomly and it's G.

In the meantime, I'm working on a chord tone approach improvisation exercise for "All the things you are". I'd like to post something within a few weeks.

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