Saturday, July 4, 2009

A blues? Perhaps.

This one can be found on the Savoy Sessions.
Charlie Parker blowing over a blues. A Parker kind of blues. 12 bars in C Major with these basic changes.
CM7 | D-7 G7 | CM7 | G-7 C7 |
FM7 | F7 | CM7 | E-7 A7b9 |
D-7 | G7b9 | CM7 | CM7

The chord are flowing. 16th notes @200 bpm are used to play fast passing chords, while the swing 8th provide a good tension release. It's unbelievable someone could chain chords this fast (listen to the original, it's slowed down to 150 or so here), go so high in the register while keep complete control over the tone, and -- of course -- not get lost.

So here I am as Bird, playing 3 choruses of Perhaps.

Mind blowing...

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